Self Adhesive Labels

LNI’s Self-Adhesive Labels can be designed, engineered and manufactured to perform any number of roles, from short-term promotional use to fully validated labels for use in automotive applications.


You may need self-adhesive labels that can be written on with a pen, or ones that self-destruct if removed, or even ones with a clear window for an LED readout. Whatever your situation, LNI has a solution.

Read here how LNI is involved with the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program, to manufacture and supply graphic panels and label sets.


  • Many base materials are available, including vinyl, polyesters, clear polycarbonates, metalised films, electrostatic and foil.

  • LNI’s self-adhesive labels can be engineered for full outdoor durability including resistance to UV, weather, abrasion and chemicals.

  • Some base materials can be supplied with a customised adhesive backing for application to tricky surfaces, like powder coating.

  • The labels can be supplied as single parts, on sheets or strips or in rolls.

  • LNI can supply labels cut in traditional shapes like squares, ovals and rectangles or custom contour shapes of any design.


  • Clear background decals for application to a window, glass or vehicle body
  • Product identification labels
  • Decorative company logo labels
  • Compliance and serial labels
  • Specification labels
  • Service and inspection labels
  • Warning labels
  • Instructional labels
  • Asset labels

The adhesive used for any label is also an important factor – read more here.

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