Metal Fabricators

Products made from metal are made strong and durable. Usually, they are used in harsh conditions, such as a tradesperson’s tool box or commercial kitchen, so for your brand to give quality impressions for the duration of the products life, you must use high quality nameplates, labels and badges.

LNI consistently produce labels, nameplates and badges for the metal fabricators industry that last as long as the products themselves.

LNI’s nameplates, badges and labels are:

  • Built to last
  • Visually striking
  • Resistant to liquids and hazardous materials
  • Guaranteed to make your brand pop

For the metal fabricators industry, LNI suggests using Metal Nameplates due to their superior durability and exceptional looks. These nameplates can have mounting holes, adhesives or both, which allows you to find a product branding solution that best works for you.

Contact LNI if you need a nameplate, badge or label that is built to last and make your brand matter.

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