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Product Branding for Building, Construction and Home Improvement

Badges, Nameplates & Labels for Building, Construction and Home Improvement

If someone asked their friend where they got their fantastic new awnings, security door, bi-fold doors, or sliding wardrobe doors from, would there be anything there promoting your brand? In the building, construction and home improvement industry, that’s the beauty of having a badge, metal nameplate or label on your product, as it keeps selling for you for years to come.

The perfect branding solution to use for this industry:

Lenscal (domed) badges

LunaKrome™ 3D Chrome badges

Premium Decorative Nameplates

Self-adhesive labels

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Why choose LNI branding for your building, construction and home improvement?

Prevent Fading & Scratching

The materials we use mean the badges keep presenting your product professionally for a long period of time. The fade and scratch proof branding is more important than ever; a durable, eye-catching label on your product is the best way of letting others know the item’s origin.

High Quality

LNI’s badges, nameplates and labels are all extensively tested to ensure they are resistant to fading, heat, corrosion, abrasion and general deterioration. We take quality very seriously –  it is critical that our products meet or exceed your standards.

The Correct Adhesive

At LNI, we always start with discussing a suitable adhesive for your branding product’s application. Our technical division experts help you identify the correct materials, processes and product solutions to match your exact requirements.

Examples of LNI's branding on building, construction & home improvement

Premium Branding for your Premium Products

Lenscal (domed) badges are a very popular option in your industry. They look great with their 3D resin finish, are easy to apply and are affordable. They can also be customised to adhere to virtually any hard surface.

Other badge options include LunaKrome™ 3D chrome badges and premium decorative nameplates, both of which will give your products a very high-end finish.

Lenscal (domed) badges, LunaKrome™ 3D chrome badges, premium decorative nameplates and self-adhesive labels are the perfect branding solution for:

  • Windows and winders
  • Shutters
  • Bistro blinds
  • Sliding door locks
  • Shower screens
  • Spas
  • Fire doors
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Taps
  • Sheds
  • Pool chlorinators and pumps
  • Garage doors
  • Carpet samples in retail
  • Outdoor heaters
  • Security doors
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Blinds and awnings
  • Wood heaters and gas fireplaces
  • Bi-fold doors

All LNI products are designed
and manufactured in Australia

Recommended Branding Products

Metal nameplates are great when a permanent record is required.  Perfect in the building, construction and home improvement industry where an example of this might be industry compliant rating plates with embossed information for fire doors.

LunaKrome 3D Chrome Badges

For branding your products.

Lenscal (Domed) Badges

For branding your products.

Premium Decorative Nameplates

For branding your products.

Metal Nameplates

For serial and rating plates, warning plates, safety plates.

Self-adhesive Labels

For serial labels, warning labels, safety labels, decorative decals, specification labels, instructional labels.

Graphic Panels

For control panel overlays.

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