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Whether you make switchboards, cabinets and enclosures or design and manufacture for large engineering projects, you need the right branding solution for your application. And that solution is great looking badges for your brand and metal nameplates and labels that stay applied where they are meant to without deteriorating.

A badge displaying your brand on a switchboard or enclosure is the best advertising you can invest in. It will keep ‘selling’ for you for years to come. When it comes to labels and metal nameplates, you want them to last as there may be important information that needs to be accessible for many years.

All our badges, labels and metal nameplates can be designed to:

  • Be UV and solvent resistant.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Be resistant to abrasion.
  • Be applied to most surfaces.

Labels and metal nameplates can have different adhesives applied so you can have the right solution for your product. Sticking to powder coating? Easy, there’s an adhesive for this. Metal nameplates can also be supplied with mounting holes, if required.

Maybe you may need a graphic panel overlay for the control panel on a machine or electrical device. These panels can be supplied with embossed buttons, clear screens, adhesive backing and can be cut to any size and shape.

Recommended products include:
Lenscal (Domed) Badges for branding your products.
Premium Decorative Nameplates for branding your products.
Metal Nameplates for serial and rating plates, model number plates, specification plates.
Self-adhesive Labels for Sold & Serviced By labels, warning labels, instructional labels, specification labels.
Graphic Panels for control panel overlays.

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate, label or graphic panel that will give your brand a lasting impression, then please contact us.

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