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Outdoor and office furniture are the perfect candidates for high quality branding. Years down the track when it comes time to replace the furniture you want your customers coming back. If every chair, table or desk still has your branding on it, then the decision is easy. Street furniture is subjected to extremes in climate and use so needs branding to match.

The requirements in this industry are many so it’s unlikely one branding solution will work across all applications. Understanding your product branding needs is the first step in tailoring a badge, metal nameplate or label for your products.

A badge for an office desk doesn’t necessarily need the ultimate in UV protection, however, one on a bench or drinking fountain in a park certainly does.

For bus seats, making sure your badge, metal nameplate or label can’t be easily picked off by passengers would be a priority so adhesive becomes an important consideration.

Outdoor furniture can be made from timber, aluminium, plastic or be powder coated. Knowing this will ensure your badge, label or metal nameplate is made to work.

LNI has experience in working with companies who supply:

  • Cinema seating
  • Office furniture
  • Bus and coach seating
  • Marine seating
  • Domestic outdoor furniture
  • Council park benches, drinking fountains & bins
  • Stadium seating
  • Workstations
  • Airport seating

Because of this experience there’s a good chance we already have a solution for you. Though if we don’t, then you’ll have access to our experienced Technical and Engineering team who will work with you to find the perfect outcome.

Recommended products include:

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate of label that will give your brand a lasting impression, then please contact us.

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