Premium Decorative Nameplates

The world’s car companies often lead the way when it comes to design trends. One such trend is the use of metal highlights and appliques which LNI has been supplying for some years.


LNI’s premium decorative nameplates are used to add a wow factor to any product requiring a top end branding solution. Manufactured from high-grade aluminium, they can be designed and engineered using a variety of processes and finishes such as 3D etching and embossing.

They are designed and manufactured locally to withstand Australia’s harsh environment and still look great for years to come.


  • Can be engineered for full outdoor durability. Even application to a vehicle’s engine.
  • Available in a range of thicknesses along with gloss, natural and brushed finishes.
  • Decorative Nameplates can be etched, dyed, embossed, printed or formed.
  • Can be domed with clear resin (Lenscal) to enhance the 3D effect.
  • Can be supplied with mounting holes, adhesive backed or both.
  • Can be serialised by printing, etching, stamping or laser engraving the letters/numbers.
  • You can choose square or round corners, or even a custom contour shape.


  • Limited Edition numbered build plates
  • Sill or scuff inserts
  • Decorative company logo plates and badges for product branding
  • Interior and exterior vehicle badging and applique
  • Decorative VIN and compliance plates

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