Lenscal (domed) Badges

LNI Lenscal (sometimes called doming) will transform any label or nameplate into a premium decorative badge with a crystal clear, high gloss 3D resin coating that won’t crack, craze, discolour or go brittle over time.


The resin coating is fully tested and approved by Australia’s car companies and is resistant to UV, weather, salt water, impact, abrasion and most solvents and chemicals.

Being adhesive backed means they’re super easy to apply to your product and will continue to look as good in years to come as they do when you first receive them.

If you are interested in different styles of badging you can also visit our LunaKrome 3D Chrome badges or contact us to find the right solution for you.


  • A large range of base materials are available including vinyls, polyesters, clear polycarbonates, metalised films and aluminium.
  • Some base materials can be supplied with a customised adhesive backing for application to tricky surfaces, like powder coating.
  • Aluminium base materials can be embossed for an enhanced 3D effect.
  • Full colour printing onto the base materials to match any corporate colour and design.
  • Can be cut in traditional shapes like squares, ovals and rectangles, or custom contour shapes of any design.


  • Company logo badges.
  • Product identification badges.
  • Vehicle, RV and marine badges.
  • Promotional badges, eg beer and cider taps.
  • ‘Sold & Serviced By’ badges.
  • Company or product anniversary badges.
  • Retail product display badges.

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