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Often the branding and labelling for a new product is looked at late in the development cycle. But the sooner you start thinking about this the better, preferably in the design stage. Having the style of branding and labelling specified into the design at the start will assist with lead-time and cost.

You may need a 3D badge, such as LunaKrome or Lenscal (domed). You may need a warning label or a serial number label. Or maybe you need a graphic panel or membrane switch for an electronic product design. Either way, it’s important to start consulting with a branding expert as early in the design process as possible.

Some things to consider when thinking of branding your new product design include:

  • What ‘look’ am I after?
  • How will the badge, label or metal nameplate stick to my product design?
  • Is the surface of my product design flat or curved? Is it grained?
  • Are there any specifications I need to meet?
  • What is the intended life-span of my product design?
  • What environmental factors will my product design be exposed to?
  • How will the badge, label or metal nameplate be applied?
  • Who is the end user?

50 years experience supplying branding solutions means we’ve dealt with virtually every scenario imaginable. Though if you’ve got a new one, then you’ll have access to our experienced Technical and Engineering team who will find the perfect solution, just for you.

Recommended products include:

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate, label, graphic panel or membrane switch that will give your product design a lasting impression, then please contact us.

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