Graphic Panels

LNI Graphic Panel overlays will dramatically enhance the appearance of your product and the functionality of any device with mechanical switching.


The most affordable way to lift the look and functionality of a device with mechanical switching is with a LNI Graphic Panel. Using a clear film of either polycarbonate or polyester, LNI Graphic Panels are reverse printed on the back surface of the film making them extremely durable as well as decorative.

Read here how LNI is involved with the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program, to manufacture and supply graphic panels and label sets.


  • Various finishes of the base clear films are available, including gloss, satin, matt, textured and UV resistant.
  • Full colour printing is used, either screen and/or digital printing.
  • Diffused transparent printing can be used if backlighting with LEDs is required.
  • Can be supplied with an adhesive backing for easy peel and stick application.
  • Multiple adhesive choices are available depending on what the Graphic Panel will be applied to.
  • Options include embossed buttons, clear window screens, cut-outs and holes.
  • Graphic Panels can be made in any size and shape.
  • Can be engineered for outdoor use.


  • Fire and smoke detection control panels.
  • Pool chlorinating and heating controllers.
  • Machinery control panel overlays.
  • General electronic device controllers.
  • Dial and gauge surround panels.
  • Backlit instrument clusters and switch panels.
  • Dashboard panel surrounds for the automotive, marine, RV, truck and bus industries.

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