With over 40 years experience in the industry, LNI’s expertise in making high-quality industrial nameplates, labels and badges across a wide range of industries ensures that a lasting impression will be made for when your brand matters. Our brand and safety information lasts forever.


LNI creates impressive badges, labels and nameplates that last through all temperatures ranges. Badges specifically designed to last on fridges, freezers, ovens and all types of appliances require extremely low or high-temperature ranges and need to last or outlast the appliance itself. This gives your brand a lasting impression.


The branding on a car should last for the lifetime of the car. LNI creates robust badges and labels for the automotive industry that can withstand a lifetime of wear and tear and exposure to the elements. Make sure everyone on the road knows your brand with badges and labels that stand out from the crowd.


Worksites can be dirty, dusty and potentially dangerous. It is important that your nameplates, badges and labels stay applied where they are meant to for the safety of everyone on site. LNI create durable, dust resistant and fade resistant nameplates, labels and badges that will keep any important safety information where it should be. Coupled with your branding, these nameplates, badges and labels can make your brand stand out.


It is vital within the medical industry that labels, nameplates and badges are extremely robust. Serious harm can be caused if warning labels or regulations are lost or fall off due to poorly designed labels. LNI can produce high-quality labels that are long lasting – to make your equipment safer and to also make your brand stand out.

Metal Fabricators

Products made from metal are made strong and durable. Usually, they are used in harsh conditions, such as a tradesperson’s toolbox or commercial kitchen, so for your brand to give quality impressions for the duration of the products life, you must use high-quality nameplates, labels and badges. LNI consistently produces labels, nameplates and badges for the metal fabricating industry that last as long as the products themselves.

RV & Marine

Boats are designed to a high standard ensuring that they can withstand the elements and especially harsh salt water. LNI produces labels, nameplates and badges for the RV & Marine industry that are durable in the harshest conditions which will continue to make your brand pop for years to come.

OH&S & materials handling

Hazardous materials are dangerous to handle and transport, therefore ensuring that all labels are clear, up to date and long-lasting is a must. Regulatory compliance is vitally important in this industry. Labels that wear away or fall off can lead to injuries, therefore LNI ensures that they create long-lasting labels to keep your staff and customers safe.

Heavy Vehicle Trailers/Components

LNI creates badges and nameplates for heavy vehicles and trailers that are strong and durable, allowing them to withstand both diesel fuel spills and abrasion, making both your brand and safety information last as long as the vehicle they are on.

Furniture indoor/outdoor

Outdoor furniture is built to withstand years of punishment from the wind, rain and sun, but is the branding? LNI create nameplates, badges and labels that are just as durable and last as long as the furniture. LNI nameplates, badges and labels are also designed to make your branding stand out from the crowd.

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