With 50 years experience supplying a wide range of industries and markets, LNI knows what it takes to make high-quality badges, metal nameplates and labels perform in all conditions. Whether it’s on a vehicle, a boat, a piece of machinery or a medical device, if you need it to look great and last the distance, then LNI has the solution.

Advertising, Design & Print

Looking for a highly decorative branding solution for one of your customers? 3D badges (chrome or domed) and decorative metal nameplates are great ways to make a brand pop for all in-store displays, promotional campaigns and POS advertising.


Automotive branding needs to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. LNI makes automotive compliant chrome badges, labels and metal nameplates that will withstand the wear and tear of ownership along with everything Australia’s harsh environment can throw at them.

Building, Construction & Home Improvement

Compliance can be important here, such as the requirements for metal nameplates applied to fire doors. But having a high-quality decorative badge or nameplate highlighting your brand is also important. Whether you need to brand windows, doors, handles, shutters or window winders, there’s a solution perfect for the job.

Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays

You need some of the toughest and most hard-wearing product branding going. And you need it to work long-term without the worry of it falling off, fading or deteriorating over time. Choosing the right combination of materials and processes will ensure your product branding will last as long as your canopy, service body or tray.


Defence contractors need to rely on their supply chain to deliver products that meet very high standards for durability, functionality and compliance. Being able to do this only comes with experience. Having a simple label fail in the field could lead to a serious safety concern so this is a risk no defence contractor should take.

Electrical & Engineering

High quality branding is a must for companies making cabinets, enclosures and switchboards. But equally important are labels and metal nameplates with vital product and safety information which stay applied and don’t fade or deteriorate over time.

Furniture & Seating

Outdoor and street furniture is built to withstand years of punishment from the wind, rain and sun. But is the branding? Think of the punishment bus and cinema seating is exposed to. Will your branding withstand this? A high-quality badge, metal nameplate or label will, if it’s designed and made correctly.

Heating, Cooling & Refrigeration

Understanding the environment and application when designing a branding product for a fridge, freezer, heater or cooler is important to ensuring it lasts. For example, a label or metal nameplate on a heater or cooler which is exposed to direct sunlight needs a very specific product to resist fading and deterioration.

Industrial Design

Consulting with a branding expert at the design stage of a project can save time and money when it comes time to launch the product. It’s important to get the right advice when considering whether to use a badge, decorative nameplate or a label on your new product. Each has different characteristics and are therefore suitable for different applications.


It is vital within the medical industry to have labels, metal nameplates and badges that are extremely robust and fit for purpose. It would be a very serious situation if important information on a label or metal nameplate faded or it simply fell off. Make sure this never happens on your products. 

Metal Fabricators

Products made by metal fabricators are made strong and durable. Often, they are used in harsh environments, such as a tradesperson’s toolbox or in a commercial kitchen. It’s therefore important to use branding which will stand up to these conditions and promote your business over the lifetime of your product.

OH&S & Materials Handling

Safety is the number one priority here. It’s critical to ensure that important information on all labels and metal nameplates is clearly legible for years to come. Some of this information might be about regulatory compliance so you can’t afford to have information wearing away, fading or falling off as this could lead to non-compliance, or worse, injuries.

POS and promotional displays

Your task as a POS and retail display supplier is to help businesses showcase their products effectively to make a strong impression, so don’t compromise. Relish the option to customise your product branding to your exact finish, size, colour, shape and pattern to make sure it stands out.

Truck Bodies, Trailers & Buses

The main way to promote yourself as the manufacturer of a truck body, semi-trailer or bus is with well-designed high-quality branding. Whether it be on the sides, rear or on the chassis, using LunaKrome 3D or domed badges is the best way to make your brand stand out. Because trucks, semi-trailers and buses aren’t usually cleaned as often as a car, using badges, labels and nameplates which are strong and durable is important.

RV & Marine

When you’re talking harsh environments, the sun and water are the two which cause the most issues. A caravan gets plenty of sun and a boat gets exposed to plenty of both. LNI supply automotive compliant chrome badges, labels and metal nameplates which will not only look great on a caravan or boat, but will last in Australia’s harsh climate and marine conditions.

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