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Boats, trailers and caravans aren’t generally washed as often as cars and they also spend more time out in the elements, both of which can really test the durability of components. A warning label might seem like a small and inexpensive part, which it is. But if that label quickly fades then the decision to buy on price alone might not have been the correct one.

The RV & Marine industries tend to require a full suite of branding solutions. Typically, a caravan or boat would have exterior branding, VIN or HIN plates, warning labels, instructional labels, serial nameplates, rating plates etc. It therefore makes sense to purchase all your requirements from a single supplier, wherever possible.

You need a supplier who not only supplies all these products but knows what your industry values and can deliver a great looking, durable part.

When purchasing a metal nameplate, it’s important to choose a fully anodised part. Only a fully anodised nameplate will provide the longevity your caravan or boat needs. Anything less will scratch easily and fade quickly.

Self-adhesive labels should be made from the highest quality materials, screen printed and top coated to ensure they last for years.

Badges, whether LunaKrome 3D chrome or Lenscal (Domed), should be made to full automotive specifications, giving you the same level of durability that the world’s car makers demand.

Recommended products include:

If you are after a badge, metal nameplate or label that will give your brand a lasting impression, then please contact us.

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