RV & Marine

Boats are designed to a high standard ensuring that they can withstand the elements and especially harsh salt water. LNI produce labels, nameplates and badges that are durable in the harshest conditions which will continue to make your brand pop for years to come.

Boats and trailers aren’t washed as often as cars and are exposed to the elements for longer periods of time. LNI nameplates have one of the thickest anodic top layers (a protection layer) in the industry and they will therefore endure the worst that our environment can throw at them.

LNI badges, nameplates and labels are specifically designed for the marine industry to be:

  • Salt water resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Long lasting
  • Visually stunning

If you need a nameplate, label or badge for the RV and Marine industry, LNI can help you to create one that is built to last and will give your brand a lasting impression.

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