Truck Bodies, Trailers & Buses

Most cars get cleaned on a fairly regular basis which limits the general build-up of dirt and grime and exposure to the elements. But this is not necessarily the case with trucks, semi-trailers and buses. And if they do get a wash it’s probably with a high-pressure cleaner which can really damage poor quality branding. Having branding that works long-term in these conditions is the best way to advertise your business.

Product branding for Truck Bodies, Trailers & Buses

When purchasing a metal nameplate, it’s important you choose a fully anodised part. Only a fully anodised metal nameplate will last the distance on your truck body, trailer, or bus. Anything less than a fully anodised part will fade quickly and scratch easily.

For ultimate durability, ensure your labels are printed on high-quality material and top coated. This combination will provide the best protection against fading, abrasion, liquids (like diesel), and solvents.

Badges, whether LunaKrome 3D chrome, Lenscal (domed) Badges, or Premium Decorative Nameplates, should be made to full automotive specifications. After all, your products are automotive so you deserve automotive branding.

All our badges, metal nameplates, and labels can be designed to:

  • Be resistant to UV so they won’t fade.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures and exposure.
  • Be resistant to most liquids and solvents.
  • Resist abrasion.
  • Be easy to apply.
  • Tolerate cleaning with a pressure washer.

Recommended products for truck bodies, trailers & buses include:

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If you are after a badge, label, or metal nameplate that will give your brand a lasting impression, then please contact the experts at LNI to request a quote or request a sample.

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