Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays

Product Branding for Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays

Badges, Metal Nameplates & Labels for Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays

Your products are built tough. They need to withstand the daily rigours of construction sites, service call-outs, load carrying, and Australia’s extreme weather. Plus, and let’s be honest, your products probably aren’t being washed and cared for like a regular car. That’s why it’s so important you choose the right type of branding for your ute canopies, service bodies & trays that will endure these tough conditions.

If you need a metal nameplate for VIN, serial numbering or rating information then always demand a fully anodised plate. Anything less will fade, scratch and be susceptible to solvents and liquids, which you want to avoid.

Warning and instructional labels should only be made from the highest quality materials with the right type of adhesive and clear top-coated for extra protection.


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Why choose LNI. branding for your Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays?

Prevent Fading & Scratching

When purchasing a metal nameplate, it’s important you choose a fully anodised part. Only a fully anodised metal nameplate will last the distance on your truck body, trailer, or bus. Anything less than a fully anodised part will fade quickly and scratch easily.

High Quality

For ultimate durability, ensure your labels are printed on high-quality material and top coated. This combination will provide the best protection against fading, abrasion, liquids (like diesel), and solvents.

Full Automotive Specfication

Badges, whether LunaKrome 3D chromeLenscal (domed) Badges, or Premium Decorative Nameplates, should be made to full automotive specifications. After all, your products are automotive so you deserve automotive branding.

Examples of LNI's branding on Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays

Premium Branding for your Premium Products

To make your brand really stand out you’ll need automotive quality badges, either LunaKrome 3D ChromeLenscal (Domed) Badges or Premium Decorative Nameplates. These products are fully automotive validated so you can be confident they’ll be promoting your business for years to come.

All our badges, metal nameplates and labels can be designed to:

  • Be resistant to UV so they won’t fade.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures and exposure.
  • Be resistant to most liquids (including diesel) and solvents.
  • Resist abrasion.
  • Be easy to apply.
  • Tolerate cleaning with a pressure washer.

All LNI products are designed
and manufactured in Australia

Recommended Branding Products

Recommended products for Ute Canopies, Service Bodies & Trays include:

LunaKrome 3D Chrome Badges

For the primary branding of your products. Vehicle logo, model and grade badges, RV and marine logo, interior badges, alloy wheel centre badges.

Lenscal (Domed) Badges

For branding your products, including primary branding. Product identification badges, vehicle, RV and marine badges, ‘Sold & Serviced By’ badges.

Premium Decorative Nameplates

For branding your products, including primary branding.

Metal Nameplates

For VIN plates, serial and rating plates, warning plates.

Self-adhesive Labels

For instructional labels, decorative decals, warning labels, safety labels.

VIG-3D Chrome Emblems

For branding products, vehicle logo, model and grade badges, RV and marine logo, interior badges, alloy wheel centre badges.

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