Metal Nameplates

LNI’s metal nameplates can be manufactured from high grade aluminium or 300 series stainless steel and are traditionally used where information, such as serial numbers, is required.


LNI’s metal nameplates are designed to retain their original good looks and durability under a broad range of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long outdoor exposure, abrasion, salt spray and most chemicals.

When you need your metal nameplate to last then use a fully anodised, engineered and locally produced aluminium or stainless steel nameplate from LNI.


  • An industry-leading anodising process will ensure your metal nameplate will outlast all others.

  • Available in a range of thicknesses, from write-on foils through to heavy gauge plates.

  • Metal nameplates can be etched, dyed, embossed, printed, brushed or formed.

  • They can be supplied with mounting holes, adhesive-backed or both.

  • Can be serialised by printing, stamping or laser engraving the letters/numbers.

  • Choose either square or round corners.


  • VIN and serial plates.
  • Compliance plates.
  • Marker plates.
  • Rating plates.
  • Safety and warning plates.
  • Service reminder plates.
  • General company logo plates.
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