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Creating impressive badges, labels and metal nameplates that last through all temperature ranges and conditions is an absolute requirement in the heating, cooling and refrigeration industry. Products specifically designed to last on fridges, freezers and heaters need to cope with the extremes in temperature and to last as long as the appliance itself. Choosing the right product will give your brand a lasting impression.

It’s important to have a supplier who can customise their products using a whole range of different materials and adhesives. This ensures you can find the perfect badge, label or metal nameplate for any application and environment.

LNI has experience working with:

  • Manufacturers and distributors of retail display fridges.
  • Outdoor heating manufacturers and distributors.
  • Service and maintenance companies.
  • Manufacturers of indoor wood heaters and gas fireplaces.
  • Wholesalers, sellers and installers of outdoor kitchens.

The experience we’ve gained working in your industry means it’s most likely we’ve dealt with your issues before. If not, you’ll have access to our experienced Technical and Engineering team to find the perfect solution just for you.

Recommended products include:

If you are after a badge, label or metal nameplate that will give your brand a lasting impression, then please contact us.

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