Branding for Medical Products

Nameplates, Labels and Badges for the Medical Industry

We all know the medical and associated industries in Australia are growing at a rapid rate. This growth brings more focus on ensuring all medical products are made to the highest possible standard and are fit for purpose. Included in this are products like certification and inspection labels as well as all forms of branding.

Imagine an annual inspection label which falls off in a few weeks or fades after six months. Imagine having a label where the next Inspection Due Date just rubs off. These are just a couple of examples of where a simple product can lead to big headaches.

Material specification and ultimate performance of all components is so important in the medical industry. So, you need a supplier who can work with your designers and engineers right from the start to ensure your labels, metal nameplates and badges work perfectly.

Read here how LNI was involved with the NOTUS Emergency Invasive Ventilator Program, to manufacture and supply graphic panels and label sets.

Why choose LNI branding for medical?

Prevent Fading & Scratching

All LNI’s metal nameplates, badges and labels are designed and manufactured in-house and are quality tested for consistency and durability to avoid unwanted fading or failure. Be immune to abrasion and fading!

High Quality

LNI has developed high quality solutions across their entire range to account for the rigorous cleaning routines that all medical equipment must undergo to maintain sterile work conditions. As well as continuing to be visible in line with the industry’s compliance and ratings labels standards.

Designing the Best Solution

For medical equipment, safety labels and servicing information is important and to understand each scenario your product will face once applied. LNI recommends the following when choosing your nameplates, labels or badges: 4 key considerations for medical nameplates, labels and badges.

Examples of LNI's branding on medical

Premium Branding for your Premium Products

Lenscal (domed) badges are a great option for branding your products. They look great, are easy to apply and will last for years. All the while silently advertising your brand.

Labels can be made from materials which can be written on with a pen. Or be immune from abrasion and fading. There are even materials which are resistant to microbes.

If your product has a mechanical switch panel then you may need a graphic panel. Or possibly even a membrane switch to connect straight into the PCB of your product.

All our products can be designed to be:

  • Resistant to liquids such as cleaners and solvents.
  • Resistant to hazardous materials.
  • Easy to apply and clean.
  • High performance and long lasting.
  • Applied to most surfaces

All LNI products are designed
and manufactured in Australia

Recommended Branding Products

If you are after a badge, label, or metal nameplate that outlast the medical product it is adhered to, then please contact the experts at LNI to request a quote or request a sample.

LunaKrome 3D Chrome Badges

For branding your products and devices.

Lenscal (Domed) Badges

For branding your products and devices.

Premium Decorative Nameplates

For branding your products and devices.

Metal Nameplates

For serial plates, Service or Inspection Due tags.

Self-adhesive Labels

For Testing, Inspection or Service Due labels, instructional labels, warning labels, safety labels.

Graphic Panels

For mechanical switch panel overlays.

Membrane Switches

For plug-in electronic control panels.

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To learn more, read How to effectively label your medical grade equipment.

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