LNI’s expertise in making high quality labels and badges across a wide range of industries ensures that a lasting impression will be made for when your brand matters.

Our brand and safety information last forever.


LNI create badges and labels that can withstand a range of different temperatures. This ensures your labels fix to appliances for longer and give your brand a lasting impression.


LNI’s range of automotive badges are strong enough to withstand the forces of driving as well as the forces of nature, ensuring your branding will last, often longer than the car itself.


Dust and dirt can seem like it gets everywhere in an industrial location. LNI ensure that your labels and badges are robust enough to withstand the toughest locations to give your brand a lasting impression.


The medical industry is full of important regulations. LNI create labels and badges that not only withstand any liquids and spills but keep microbes at bay too, allowing your compliance and brand labels to last longer.

Metal Fabricators

Metal products are built to last. LNI create badges, nameplates and labels that are built to last just as long, giving your brand a long-lasting impression.

RV & Marine

LNI create badges and labels that are sturdy enough to withstand the dustiest tracks and saltiest oceans, which is important when a lasting impression to your brand matters.

OH&S & materials handling

Working with chemicals can be very dangerous. LNI produce durable and lasting labels that can withstand most chemical elements and general wear, to ensure your employees are aware of all safety information.

Heavy Vehicle Trailers/Components

LNI create badges and nameplates for heavy vehicles and trailers that are strong and durable, allowing them to withstand both diesel fuel spills and abrasion, making both your brand and safety information outlast the vehicle they are on.

Furniture indoor/outdoor

Outdoor furniture is built to withstand the elements but is your branding? LNI produce durable badges to withstand nature and make your brand pop for years to come.

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